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Trees are an integral part of our environment. They offer a stunning display for us to admire. Taking care of them, nurturing them, and planting them keeps us occupied and the payoff is seeing these trees reach their full potential. Trees provide us with shade, withstand the harsh winter weather, and even preserve memories in the form of carved initials. Trees become a part of our landscape and surroundings.     

In order to keep our trees healthy, it is important to stay vigilant and take prompt action if any signs of disease or infestation are noticed. Taking the necessary steps to maintain and care for them can help prolong their life and the health of other nearby trees. An Arborist should be contacted if there is any change in the tree's appearance or if something appears to be off. They are trained to assess the trees and decide what measures need to be taken for the wellbeing of the tree and those around it. It is best to rely on a professional Tree Service to evaluate the situation, suggest a plan of action, and properly execute it. If treatment for a disease or pest is applied quickly, then the tree may not need to be removed. Arborists can also use soapy solutions or chemical treatments as a solution. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a Tree Service as soon as a problem is suspected.  
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Professional Tree Services Offered

We are Proud to Offer the following Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Trees and shrubs can expand at an unpredictable rate. We can assist you in cutting and trimming them to ensure they fit with the desired look of your house, garden, and even the roads you drive down daily. Hiring a professional tree pruning service will result in a neat and tidy landscape. It can also be a great place to take in some of nature's magnificence.  
tree trimming
tree removal

Tree Removal

Cutting down trees takes a lot of know-how. It is an incredibly risky undertaking and the tree cutter must make sure all safety protocols are followed and there is no further damage to the tree or its surroundings. The arborist will also make sure that nearby structures are safeguarded.   After the trimming or cutting is done, the tree service will take away the debris and leave the site neat. In the event of a full removal, the tree will be taken away and the stump may be eliminated.  

Stump Removal

Stump grinding is an affordable way to remove tree stumps and surface roots that can be an eyesore in your yard. This method causes minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. The stump is typically ground down to a depth of 6-12 inches, which allows for new plants to grow. By grinding the stump, you can improve the appearance of your landscape, prevent the tree from regrowing, eliminate potential hazards, and minimize disturbances to neighboring trees and root systems. Additionally, this process removes breeding sites for insects.  
stump removal

„Super Easy and Pleasant to deal with.  Gave us a quote, came and competed the job, and the cost was exactly as quoted!”

— Randall Freson, Red Deer

„Nasty storm took out one of our trees!  The guys were at our place super quick and had it all cleared away in no time at all.  Thanks so much!”

— Angie B, from Fort McMurray

„From the phone call until they drove away after the job, they were very professional and courteous.  Highly Recommend”

— Ruth Henderson, High River

Arborist Tree Care

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The Benefits of Routine Tree Trimming

Regular Tree Trimming is necessary to maintain the health of your trees. They are not invincible and can be affected by various sources of damage, such as broken and decaying branches, or extreme weather patterns. Trees age, just like humans, and their components (branches, bark, roots, etc.) are what make up its body. By regularly trimming, it is possible to identify any potential problems that may arise.  

A Professional Tree Service will begin by identifying any limbs that can be taken out. These are branches or arms that are not providing any benefit to the tree's wellbeing. Removing them will reduce the chance of sickness reaching the rest of the tree and reduce the risk of unexpected breakage. It is wise to take them off before any person or thing gets hurt. Next, the Arborist will check for signs of disease or infection and remove them. Doing this will halt the spread of infection or parasites to the healthy parts of the tree. If any branches or stems are already damaged and will eventually die, they should be taken out now too. ​

After dealing with the other steps, the Tree Service will analyze the tree's trunk. We will trim and shape the tree to help it stay healthy and strong. If any parts are blocking the tree from growing, they will be removed. However, if the tree is close to a structure, an Arborist will take into consideration the surroundings and prune the tree in a way that will make it branch away from the structure. This is an ongoing process and should be done regularly. If the tree is a potential hazard to a roof or garage, we can proactively trim it in order to prevent any issues from arising.

When a Tree Needs to be Removed

The Arborist will always strive to find alternatives to removing a tree, such as pruning or cutting, before taking this drastic measure. However, safety is the top priority and if the tree poses a risk, it must be removed. It is far better to have the tree taken down in a controlled manner than to wait for it to fall on its own. If the tree is weak, it could be thrown by the wind, smashing through windows or crashing onto roofs, causing destruction and injury. In cases where the tree is dead, dying, or severely affected by disease, it must be removed as it is too dangerous to keep.    
It is not advisable for the average person to attempt to cut down a tree themselves. Doing so can be hazardous, as it could potentially damage other trees, power lines, structures or property, and even put people's lives at risk. A professional Tree Service, however, will have the right skills, expertise, experience and equipment to do the job safely and effectively. An Arborist can use various methods to bring down the tree and then remove it in a secure manner. It is best to hire a team of experts who are trained and qualified to perform this task.  

Powerlines and Overgrown Trees are a Dangerous Combination

It is essential to take the potential risks of trees near power lines seriously. These lines carry large amounts of electricity which can cause fires if the trees are too close. Although electricity can jump from the line to the tree even if it is not directly touching it, minimizing the risk of this happening is possible by keeping a distance of at least 3 metres. 

Homeowners should regularly check their trees for potential hazards, but they should never attempt to trim any trees close to power lines. This is a job for a qualified arborist and a temporary outage will probably need to be organised. As soon as any problems are noticed, contact the utility company to get the work done and the power restored. 

When planting trees, you should always factor in their future growth. Avoid placing them under or too near to powerlines. When choosing what trees to plant in an area, consider the space carefully.   

Additionally, bear in mind that utility companies must be able to access transformers with ease. To make this possible, keep at least 3 metres of clearance around them to prevent any obstruction from plants, shrubs, or trees.  

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Our Arborists boast the highest levels of education and certifications in the field of Arboriculture. 

We stay up to date with the latest industry techniques and information to offer the best possible services to our customers. 

We maintain our equipment to guarantee it will perform optimally. 

We are always keen to explore new developments in the field of tree services and we're looking forward to being able to provide even more exceptional services to our clients as the industry progresses.

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