The Ins and Outs about Tree Trimming

The Ins and Outs about Tree Trimming

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Professional Advise on Tree Trimming

Tree maintenance is vital for various reasons. When you trim your trees, you keep the people and structures around them safe. When a branch dies, it becomes a risk as it may fall and damage the people, buildings and power lines around it. Tree trimming is the best option in order to prevent this, yet to take on this task yourself may pose a risk to yourself and the structures around the tree. We recommend that you hire a professional tree care service, and we at Arborist Tree Care will ensure that your tree is trimmed safely and effectively in order to avoid disaster.

How Tree Trimming Benefits the Trees

When you hire a professional tree trimming service, you are able to influence how the tree grows to ensure that the limbs and branches are out of the way of other structures. Tree maintenance allows you to also reduce the risk of harm from broken branches and limbs falling from the tree. When you hire our professional tree care service, we will make sure that your tree does not have uneven weight distribution that may threaten nearby structures and harm the people nearby if it falls later in its life. Additionally, tree trimming will also improve the aesthetics of your tree.

When Should You Trim A Tree

Tree maintenance does not have to only happen in emergencies. You can trim your tree in late fall or winter, ideally when the tree has the least risk of harm during the dormant season. What you may need to be aware of is that trees are affected by stress just like any other living thing, and removing branches and limbs does harm the tree. Yet, during the dormant season, less sap production will be lost in the cutting process, and insects and fungi are less likely to cause additional damage to the tree. For assessment, you can hire Arborist Tree Care to examine if your tree needs more precise trimming or additional tree maintenance.

Caution about Tree Trimming

While tree trimming is important, remember that you do not want to cut too much off the tree. The desired effect should be reached by cutting off the smallest number of branches and limbs. You should never trim off more than ¼ from the crown of the tree where most of the leaves are located and where it gets most of its energy. You may cause fatal damage to a tree if you trim too much of it, too quickly.

Ultimately, there are various reasons why you should hire a professional tree care service, as tree trimming negates the risk of damage to people and structures around an unsafe tree and there are ways to ensure the tree itself is not damaged too much. Yet, there needs to be utmost care when you are performing tree maintenance, so we encourage you to call us when in doubt. Arborist Tree Care is a professional tree care service, and we will ensure that your tree is trimmed safely and effectively.